Instantbird 1.1

Instantbird 1.1 was already available in 13 languages, thanks to the contributions from our translators around the world, and we look forward to see this number grow with your help!


Instantbird runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms.

Please see the minimum system requirements needed to run Instantbird.

Language Version Windows Mac OS X Linux
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Download the source code

As Instantbird is an open source project, you can freely download the source code and modify it.

What's new?

  • Conversations can now be placed on hold:
    • A conversation can be put on hold from the context menu of the conversation tab. Conversations on hold are listed at the top of the Contacts window, where it is easy to reopen them with a double click.
    • Closing conversation tabs cannot cause you to miss messages any more: when closing a conversation tab with unread messages, the conversation will automatically be put on hold instead of being closed.
    • Closing a chat room tab will put its conversation on hold instead of leaving it.
    • If a new message arrives in a conversation on hold, its tab will reappear automatically. (For chat rooms, this will only happen if your nick is mentioned).
    • The number of unread messages in each conversation on hold is clearly indicated; this will prove to be useful for IRC channels where you are idling!
  • Improved Tray Support for Linux/Windows:
    • Restore the contact list with a single click on Linux.
    • The Instantbird tray icon is visible even when the application is not minimized.
  • Improved Twitter support:
    • Twitter entities (@mentions, #hashtags and shortened links) are now supported.
    • Messages can now be retweeted and replied to (by using the context menu).
    • Tweeters can be followed and unfollowed directly from the context menu of their tweets.
  • IBM Lotus Sametime is supported, by popular demand.
  • Chat participants now have tooltips
    • Whois information for IRC is fetched and displayed automatically
  • Tab completion for IRC nicks, Twitter usernames and commands.
  • The new Interruptions manager API allows add-on developers to easily create add-ons to reduce annoyances:
    • Events can be filtered based on their details (type, source, ...) to customize which actions are allowed to happen.
  • The default ICQ settings have been updated to work with their new servers.
  • Unknown commands are no longer sent to IRC/XMPP chat rooms.
  • Updated: Instantbird 1.1 is based on libpurple 2.10.0 and Mozilla 7.0.1 which brings great new possibilities for add-on developers.
  • Improved stability: the crash reports from the 1.0 release and the nightly builds have been taken into account to fix bugs that caused frequent crashes.
  • And more... read the full ChangeLog for details of the 138 code changes since Instantbird 1.0.

Older versions

You can access the archives to download the older versions of Instantbird.