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What's new?

Google Summer of Code 2014 has Commenced!

Instantbird again has the pleasure of participating in Google Summer of Code under the Mozilla umbrella. In the past we’ve had a...

Pardon the Interruption! Instantbird nightly builds are back!

As of today, March 3rd, 2014, Instantbird nightly builds (1.6a1pre) are being built again. We last had nightly builds on January 9th, 2014...

Instantbird 1.5 Released!

Instantbird 1.5 has been released: go grab your copy now! There are a ton of new features and bugs fixed for this new release, but...

First Milestone of the Awesometab has landed!

Awesometab is the project name for a tab developed by Nihanth Subramanya during the Google Summer of Code 2013 (via Mozilla) which...

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