Instantbird runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms.

Please see the minimum system requirements needed to run Instantbird.

Language Version Windows Mac OS X Linux
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As Instantbird is an open source project, you can freely download the source code and modify it.

Support for many languages will come in the next releases. Want to help?

What's new?

  • In version
    • Connection issue with ICQ fixed: the protocol plugin has been upgraded.
    • Better stability: a few crashes fixed.
  • New features:
    • Proxy support: you can now use HTTP or Socks proxies.
    • Typing notifications: you can see when the person you are talking to is typing.
    • Automatic Reconnection: when a non fatal connection error occurs (e.g. network failure), the account is automatically reconnected after a few seconds.
    • Idleness: servers are notified when you are idle so that your status can be changed.
    • Better handling of chat rooms: the topic of the room is displayed, the list of participants is displayed, IRC commands work.
    • Findbar: It is now easy to search in a conversation, with a findbar similar to the Firefox one. A notable difference is that it searches backwards by default, so that the most recent matching messages are found first.
    • Universal build: The mac binary now also works on PPC Macs.
  • Updated: Instantbird 0.1.3 is now based on libpurple 2.5.2 and Mozilla 1.9.1b2.
  • Improved stability: we used the crash reports that we got from the 0.1.2 release and nightly builds to fix bugs that resulted in crashes.

Read the full ChangeLog.

Known issues

  • The QQ protocol plugin seems to be almost completely broken in this release.
  • People using a Google Talk account from Google Apps won't be able to connect it with this version of Instantbird.

Older versions

You can access the archives to download the older versions of Instantbird.