Instantbird 0.1.2


Instantbird runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms.

Please see the minimum system requirements needed to run Instantbird.

Language Version Windows Mac OS X Linux
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English Download
Version is just a quick fix to a crash that happened, on Windows only,
when connecting some MSN accounts.

You can download some dictionaries for the spell-checking feature in Instantbird.

As Instantbird is an open source project, you can freely download the source code and modify it.

Support for many languages will come in the next releases. Want to help?

What's new?

This version is more a stability/bugfix release than a feature release.

  • Updated: Instantbird 0.1.2 is now based on libpurple 2.4.3 and Mozilla
  • Improved stability: we fixed the outstanding bugs that resulted in crashes. We also turned on breakpad to get more data on crashes.
  • Detailed tooltips: the tooltips of the buddy list now contain detailed information.
  • Under the hood: On this release we spent a lot of time on the build system. Instantbird can now be built like any other mozilla application. It doesn't require to build dependencies separately any more.

Read the full ChangeLog.

Known issues

  • On Windows, the DNS SRV queries don't work so you will need to enter the Connect Server manually for XMPP accounts.
  • On Windows, connecting an MSN account with version 0.1.2 may crash, version should fix the problem.
  • People using a Google Talk account from Google Apps won't be able to connect it with this version of Instantbird.

Older versions

You can access the archives to download the older versions of Instantbird.